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Sister Station

Visit our sister station: CGM UKScene Radio (Pi)
[100% Raspberry Pi powered, 128kbps MP3 'Icecast' Demoscene radio stream]

Stream Information


CGM UKScene Radio is an internet based Demoscene radio station, playing exclusively 8 & 16 bit; tracked, chip & module Demoscene songs, as well as in-game computer generated music.

We first went live back in the year 2000, from our base in the UK. The station continues to be self-funded and maintained by myself 'Solorize', (former co-founder of the music group 'LESS Music Productions').

The songs you will hear on this station were created on various computer platforms including; Amiga, Amstrad, Atari, Commodore 64 ‘C64’, Sinclair Spectrum as well as the later PC’s.

Featuring in-game music from legendary 1980’s composers; Rob Hubbard, Ben Daglish, Mark Knight, Martin Galway, Adam Gilmore, Barry Leitch, Allister Brimble, Antony Crowther, Jeff Minter, David Whittaker and Tim Follin to name but a few.

In addition to the afore mentioned, we have a vast collection of music from an array of Demoscene productions and music competitions, spanning from the early 1990’s up to the present day.

Songs have either been created by coding directly to the sound chip i.e. the Commodore C64’s SID chip and therefore are known as ‘chip music’, or using the likes of music tracker software; NoiseTracker (Amiga), ProTracker (Amiga), FastTrackerII (MS-DOS), Scream Tracker (MS-DOS), Impulse Tracker (MS-DOS), Milky Tracker (MS-DOS), to the more recent ‘open-source’ Windows based OpenMPT (MS Windows), which are known as ‘tracked music’.

Tracked music is saved in various file formats and generally is dependent upon which music tracker software the song was created on. Some of the common file formats used are; MOD, STM, S3M, XM, & IT.

‘Noise Tracker’ & ‘ProTracker’ both saved their songs in the MOD file format and they were limited to 4 channels.

‘Scream Tracker’ saved it’s songs in the earlier ‘STM’ and then later ‘S3M’ file format. ‘STM’ was only 4 channel, whereas ‘S3M’ was up to 32 channels.

‘FastTracker’ saved it’s songs in the the ‘MOD’ and ‘XM file formats, 'MOD’ files were limited to 4 channels, with the ‘XM’ (extended MOD), format supporting up to 8 channels.

‘FastTracker 2’ aka FT2, was later released in 1994 which then increased the available channels to 32, for the ‘XM file format.

‘Impulse Tracker’ saved it’s songs in the ‘IT’ file format and had a whopping 64 channels.

We are continually adding new songs to the station and would love to hear from you if you would like to submit songs for addition. Please note that we will only accept 'Demoscene' or in-game related music for inclusion.

We hope you enjoy listening to our station and we look forward to welcoming you back soon.


Please use the following link to contact us

Legal note

'CGM UKScene Radio' is run as a non-profit organisation, playing royalty free computer generated music, created by demoscene artists only.